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Vesselbee 01 
SSB Roboik Second Place Award

Vesselbee 01 is offically first surface vessel in order to compete against prestigious universities around the world. Trimaran design and in house developed software proved to be award winning and securing Second Place in SSB Roboik Autonomous Ship Challenge in Turkey, organized by Turkish Defense Ministry.


Technical Details

Length x Width x Height        125x107x55

Draft                                              14 cm

Dry weight                                  24 kg (inc. Batteries)

Propulsion                                  3 x 285 Watt Thrusters (Custom Made)

Endurance                                  13,6 hours @ 2 knots

                                                       10,5 hours @ 3,5 knots

                                                       4,4 hours @ 5.5 knots

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